Why Hypnosis Works So Powerfully On Zoom.

 Allow me to tell you of my very first remote session that changed my mind. It blew me away. In 2019, I had a client who was the C.E.O. of her company and was terrified of public speaking. She reached out to me 3 hours before her scheduled speech. I was referred to her by a client of mine.

I was honest with her and told her I never did a remote session before and felt unsure. But she was so desperate, and I said yes and let's do it with no guarantees. To add to the drama, she only had one hour to give me and......she was also a brand new mother, and she needed to breast pump for her baby in that same hour. That was the only time she had. She was in Virginia, and I am in Pennsylvania.

We did the entire session on the phone with the steady rhythmic sound of the breast pump in the background. Later that day, she did fantastic with the speech in front of 400 people and the T.V. cameras. She texted me and said, "I rocked it !!". In fact, three different people came up to her and told her it was not so much of the content of the speech but something about the way she spoke, the way she was, and projected that sincerity, it  resonated with them deeply. 

The benefits of doing online are :

1.When in Hypnosis, your eyes are closed. So it does not matter where you are. 

2. Doing hypnosis through Zoom is shockingly more effective than in-person hypnosis. This was such a surprise even for me. Because of the quality of results my clients are getting, I will only do Zoom video hypnosis sessions. It absolutely works!

3.You always feel safe and comfortable in your own  home. Safety is a paramount issue for many of my Anxiety clients. This helps you settle into the hypnosis state far more easier and quicker.

4. You can dress in the most comfortable of all clothing to help you feel comfortable and relaxed into the experience. No make up needed. Just be you.

5. You do not have to drive. For most people, distance is always an issue. Especially when it gets dark early in the winter months.

6. I have done numerous Hypnosis Sessions on Zoom while people were in the car, parked in a safe place. Because that was the only free time, they had and wanted the session done then. So they used their smartphone. The results were spectacular.