This Is Why It Is Hard For You To Stop Smoking.

I was very skeptical about hypnosis. I knew I needed to quit smoking, but it really had a grip on me. I was a 1 1/2 packs a day smoker off and on for 30 years! I was coughing and wheezing at night. My family was concerned about my health, and quite frankly, I was too. I was nervous to take the first step, but George made me feel extremely at ease. He explained the program, how it works, and the benefits. He sent me my "homework" to do prior to our session, and it was HOMEWORK! It truly made me THINK about what I've accomplished in my life, and why I smoke and why I really hate it and want to quit. Fast forward...I quit smoking without any cravings after the first session! It's been a couple of weeks now. I don't have the cravings to smoke, but I'm still dealing with the habit of basically it will pop into my mind that I would normally be smoking at this time, etc. It really makes me feel good that I can just say, "I don't smoke anymore" and it goes away! And now I'm saving the money I would have spent on cigarettes for a vacation! I would highly recommend George to anyone who is really READY to quit smoking. If you are open to it and put in the work, you will thank yourself!

- Kelly Whitney ( Google 5 Star Review)


George does an amazing job, not just with Hypnosis but by providing his clients with so many external tools that it is hard to fail. I quit after 1 session and have been smoke free for 1 month now. The cravings are there sometimes but this process makes it easy to push through them. I hardly had any physical withdraw at all which was not my experience trying other methods. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about quitting!

- Melissa Shelton (Google 5 Star Review)


"After a few years of fighting internally with myself about the smoking habit I so desperately wanted to quit, I finally for no reason, other than desperation and curiosity, contacted Positive Healing Hypnosis. Don’t wait like I did! It is absolutely amazing to be rid of this terrible habit. It was George who worked with me to achieve this next life goal, that I just couldn’t do on my own. We only get one life, so find that strength within yourself and take the next step with Positive Healing Hypnosis. George is an amazing healer and his tools are life changing!"

 The Cast Iron Kitchen (  Google 5 Star Review)