Train Your Brain To Stop Craving Junk Food. (And how to stop it, even if a craving slips through.)

Let me share with your 3 case studies.

As a hypnotist, I help people grab control of their food cravings and other issues. Using very advanced modalities of hypnosis, the client becomes indifferent to the triggers or the allure of the junk food. They feel so much more in control and can choose to no longer have the manic out of control response to eating it.

For many people, they feel their cravings have ambushed their life.

They know it is not rational.

It doesn't matter if they were stressed out, tired, unhappy, or simply bored, that urge to eat junk food would completely take over them.

For some of my clients, the thought of eating junk food frequently preoccupies their mind.

Case # 1

I worked with a woman, the moment she clocked into work, all she could think about is the type of sweet snacks she will indulge herself in. She liked all types of sweet foods, but anything with chocolates was her favorite. She even had a small refrigerator under her desk to keep cool different types of sweet delicacies. Why only at work, Monday through Friday she loses control? She was a closet sweet food eater, and she did not want her boyfriend and mother to know. But still, why even eat it  constantly in the week days and why in large amounts? Makes no sense right? Well usually cravings are not logical. In her case, the subconscious was using junk food to "self soothe" her insecurities when she was at work. She lacked the confidence in herself to get the work done, take on more visible projects, scared of being judged. She also felt she was not genuinely liked by her coworkers, and on a deeper level, she was afraid she would be found out as a fraud, someone who was just lucky to get the job she has. (All of this was not true at all. But if the subconscious beliefs that, problems begin. Self soothing and/or self sabotage will take place.) 

Case # 2

I worked with another client who would only eat junk food late at night, one hour before going to sleep. It was only when we worked together, that she was able to break the code. As it turns out, she and her husband support opposite political parties. At night, when she lay in bed, her husband (also in bed) would routinely watch the cable news channel that supported his political candidate. The rhetoric she was hearing was so inflammatory and upsetting to her; her subconscious decided that junk food (sweet and savory) would provide a good enough distraction and would make her feel good fast, and all is right. Isn't that interesting?

Case # 3

Let me share another story of someone I helped. He would feel a powerful urge to eat cookies every evening. Not just one, between half to the whole bag! So he would start with eating fruit, with the hope it would satisfy his cookie cravings. Unfortunately for him, it does not. A few minutes later, he eats some nuts (thinking maybe the dinner portion was not enough, and he was still hungry). About 15 minutes later, then the damn cookies. Then came the guilt and shame and self-deprecating self-talk. 

I also helped people who are sticking to a Paleo diet, exercise hard and routinely. But their cravings for junk food would stalk them down and cause them to self-sabotage before they reach their goal.

Why Motivation Or Willpower Is Not Enough?

I am sure you can resonate with these people in my story.

Many people who experience cravings for any substance find that willpower doesn't work. Why?

Willpower is like a muscle. You can only use it for a short amount of time before it tires out, weakens, and stops working. Here are a few facts:

       1. Your immediate environment will overpower willpower.(If your pantry is stocked with junk food, willpower is weakened.)

       2.  We tell little white lies to ourselves frequently. Example - "I had a hard day, and I deserve  to eat this", "there is nothing else good to eat home", etc.

      3. The decision to eat junk food is made at a subconscious level. This is where all our habits reside.

The solution is to reprogram the subconscious mind. We go to the root, at the unconscious level where all our habits reside. Change the programming at this level.

With repetition you really can break free from the addictive call of junk food. 

You can't eliminate junk food in your world. Let's be real. Junk food is everywhere. Our job is not to say yes to every invitation the junk food sends us. Sometimes, when you want to, you say yes, and in other times you say no and stop the cravings in its track.

 That is the focus of this program. I am putting you back in the driver's seat.

 As you relax and repeatedly listen to your download, you'll notice a number of changes beginning to happen. You'll notice that

  • you feel much calmer generally, and less 'haunted' by worries about sugar and weight
  • you begin to apply sensible strategies to control what you eat in a sustainable way
  • you find it much easier to resist the appeal of sweet things and make a healthier choice
  • your palate changes and low sugar foods start to taste really good
  • you start to feel so much better as your metabolism regains its natural equilibrium

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