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George is an amazing person who inspiring in so many ways. He is a wonderful inspirational speaker and life coach. I attended a stress reduction seminar which greatly improved my stress load at work and changed my life. I also had a hypnosis done to stop eating chocolate. - Katy P.


I really didn't know what to expect exactly, but the results have been life-changing. George is very talented. He's helped me see and react to things in more constructive ways. I am better able to focus on what's really important, and that has improved my relationships and given me new confidence.

In several ways my work with George has exceeded my expectations. I look forward to learning more and continuing to incorporate even more of his wise strategies into my daily life. - Alan P.


I have been able to spend some time George who has been helping me overcome my spider phobia. With certain techniques. I am now able to not scream and yell for someone to come and help me. I now can calmly walk away and ask for assistance with the spider. - Paige F.

Fear and Confidence

 Deep Seated Anger and Resentment

Fear and Anger

"I was very apprehensive to say the least when I heard about this process of Hypnosis and started to engage in it. All my life, my emotions have always  revolved around food. So when I embarked on this journey I wasn't sure if it would work for me or not. I have been overweight all my life. It has now come to the point where it is affecting my health and my A1C was at 9.2. My doctor wanted me to go on an additional medication for diabetes and I did not want to be on any more medication. So I started this journey with George. I found myself only eating 3 meals a day with much smaller portions that I'm used to with no snacking in between. I also used to be a big eater after 7:30pm and  stress also contributed too much of my over eating. I now find that I think completely different about food.When I am sitting eating a meal I truly enjoy the food that is in front of me. To this date I have brought my A1C down to 7.1 and I've dropped 11 lbs in 1 month. I plan on continuing on this journey not only for my health but also to feel and look my best." - E.N

 "I  have been struggling with my emotions intensifying on experiences triggered from my past. George was able to pick up on the core issues. Ever since, he and I worked together, and using very powerful and specific tools he has taught  me, I have successfully been able to properly channel my emotional state whenever I face any form of negativity. I am not so reactive as I use to be.  My experience with the hypnosis therapy  with George was amazing." - J.W.

"I always hated to exercise. Always. Now after working with George, I look forward to it. I view exercise quite differently than before. On average, I work out twice a week compared to never. Thank you so much George !" -  B.T.

"I sought George's help because somehow I had developed a strong fear for driving over a year ago. It affected my professional life and personal life. If I couldn't persuade my husband to drive me somewhere I absolutely needed to go, I would go out of my way to take the quietest small country roads if I had to drive and stay far, far away from the major roads , highways and as much traffic as possible. I was always filled with fear.  Nobody wanted to be in the car with me. It wasn't even logical what I was feeling and behaving.  I was skeptical yet open minded if Hypnosis would even work for me,  but I knew I had to do something to resolve it. I heard about George from friends who went to him and he helped them tremendously. Now, things are so different for me. I drive anywhere, at any time, on any road ! I love the end result, his mannerism and the way George patiently worked with me. Thank you so much!" -  J.B

"I have always been a very skeptical person, especially when it comes to things like psychic readings, hypnosis or anything alternative. My friend had told me about George and how hypnosis had helped greatly. I had my doubts. There was a particular incident at work that effected me greatly. I was carrying so much hurt and anger from that situation that occurred at work and it was carrying  over to my personal life at home. It affected me whenever I was alone with my thoughts at home. The situation would become worse at work  and I would get angry all over again whenever I saw the person who created that situation. George helped me work on the hurt and anger to a point where I am not even angry anymore whenever I see that individual or reflect back to that situation. I know it may sound cliche but I finally gained a sense of calm and peace after our work together. In our work together, he had taught me some powerful tools to help me manage my emotions. Now with these tools that I have since used, I have been able to channel my energy and manage my emotions in other areas of my life to much success. Especially at work.Things are working out so much better for me.  I can't believe I am saying this but it WORKS!" - G.A.

"I always had the desire to be in better shape and get healthy, but after having kids, I just couldn’t find the time for the gym anymore. However after one session with George, I still don’t go to the gym, but I’m working out daily at home! I have always used "No time to exercise" and "I can only work out at the gym" as an excuse.  Not anymore. I am genuinly feeling more motivated and no longer feeling bad about having no time to drive to the gym.  Definitely very impressed with the results from just one session! " - R.W.