Fear Planning - How To Overcome Fear

In the video above, I explain how to use "FEAR PLANNING" to your advantage. Please use this extremely effective technique whenever you feel threatened or uncertain about an event, encounter or opportunity. I learned this from Anthony Robbins and Tim Ferris.

In the video, I share how I used this method to say Yes to one of my biggest fears - Public Speaking. I have never given a presentation before in my life and I would do anything to avoid it. When University Of Pennsylvania approached me and asked if I was willing to present, my gut instinct was to say no. But this time I said yes.....

Step # 1 - Identify Your Fears.

List all the possible worst things that could happen if you say yes to this event you considering to attend, or action you are considering to take, or a person you are considering to meet, or an opportunity that you are considering to say yes to it but feel scared. Just brain dump and “vomit” all the worse fears you are currently feeling on paper. (3 minutes)

Step # 2 - Prevent or Minimize.

List all the ways on how you can stop or prevent or minimize all the above fears (you listed in Step #1) from happening. (3 minutes) 

Step # 3 Repair.

Assume every single fear you listed on Step # 1 did occur. Now brainstorm how you are going to survive, heal, and move on from it. ( 3 minutes )

Step # 4 Benefits.

Imagine it is one year from today, and you decided to take action. List all the possible ways your life will improve. List the physical and the emotional benefits you will experience simply because you chose to be bold, take action, and not give in to your fear. ( 3 minutes )

Step # 5  Cost of Saying No.

List the cost of being paralyzed by this fear and not saying Yes, responding the way you usually have in the past, and not taking any action. Imagine how your life will be affected because you gave in to your fears and said "No." Imagine how your life will be changed or not changed one year from now?  ( 3 minutes )

Step # 6 - Has anyone less smarter ( or less skilled) than you accomplish this very thing you are scared of?