"2 Minutes - How To Train Your Brain to STOP Over-thinking, Be Less Reactive & Deeply RELAX (Really fast)

Please use this very simple yet powerful life tool that I teach. Use it whenever you need to unwind very quickly, slow down your racing mind, feel mentally sharp, and even use it to help you fall asleep faster at night. Achieve rapid mind-body balance anywhere and anytime. Find a a quiet corner at work or at home for 2 minutes, use the technique and get ready to feel your best.

This is an  extremely effective relaxation technique that involves you utilizing one of the longest nerve in your body - The VAGUS NERVE.

Key instructions:

Step #1 - Watch the video in its entirety.  It will explain and show you how to utilize this technique to your advantage. 

Step #2 -  Exhale while counting silently in your mind for 6 to 8 seconds.

Step # 3 -  Relax and lower your shoulder while exhaling. 

Step # 4 - Set the timer on your phone for 2 minutes and just go for it :)