How To Prepare For Your First & Subsequent Hypnosis Sessions With Me.

  1. The session will be between 1 hour 30 minutes and 2 hours long. To be on the safe side give yourself 2 hours.
  2. Let all your family members know that you do not want to be disturbed in that time frame. No one should be in the room with you. You want total privacy. You will get the best experience with privacy.
  3. No pets (dogs, cats, lizards, birds, etc) are allowed in the room with you.
  4. You need a comfortable chair with a backrest.
  5. Please have 5 sheets of paper with you and a pen.
  6. Turn off all notifications on whatever device you are planning to use on the Zoom hypnosis session. Turn off any email/social media/game/text/ voice mail notification, etc. These notification sounds will distract you while in hypnosis.
  7. You need something to prop up your cell phone or IPAD up (if you are not using a Laptop.) I need both your hands relaxing and not holding anything. So please figure out how you are going to achieve it before our session. We do not want to waste time trying to figure this out when in session
  8. Get excited .........Your life is about to get better ! :)