How To Architect Your Day

Most of us make decisions based on feelings. Myself included.

 The problem is when I "don't feel like it."  What naturally follows is I actually listen to that feeling and fail to take the necessary action to move me closer to my goal. 

Example, I don't feel like exercising today, so I don't. I don't feel like eating healthy, so I don't. I don't feel like making the bed/loading the dishwasher/fold the laundry/study and improve my personal finances/cook/update my resume/ apply for graduate I don't.

This was my default subconscious formula for architecting my day. 

Feel -> Act -> Decide 

This is me mindlessly rolling through my day. I did it most of my life and I am not proud of where it got me. 

This is me unconsciously getting through the day.

The Solution when I learned about it, it significantly changed everything in my life.

"Decide ->Act -> Feel"

Every morning, I invest 2 to 5 minutes deliberately deciding the outcomes, goals, and feelings I want to experience that day.

The goal is focused attention with a specific intent of improving performance and experience in very specific areas of my life.

Then I map out the action steps.

Then I visualize them . In my minds eye, I see myself doing what needs to be done and I am enjoying the benefits of it.

And then I get on with my day and I just go for it.

I decided how I want to feel  first thing in the morning.

Many times, I will decide how I want to feel, the type of experience I want for the next, the night before.

The whole process only takes less than 5 minutes. 

All of us are only given 1440 minutes a day (60minutes x 24 hours).

 If I can't devote 2 to 5 minutes doing this exercise, then shame on me.

I have found that about 70% of the time, I hit my objectives or the feelings I want. 

When I don't really feel like taking the required action steps, I just force myself. 

I think the saying "you fake it till you make it" is wrong.

In my experience, it is, "You fake it until you BECOME it.

My morning requires me to take a leadership role.

My morning requires me to be deliberate, to make choices, to pay attention on what personally matters.

It works for my clients and me. 

Live deliberately. 

Live with intention