Stop Food Cravings In Its Tracks !

If you don't stop this emotional eating or craving of yours, and your life is going to be like this forever. Is that good news?

Stop Cravings and Control Emotional Eating Using Proven Techniques that work at the Subconscious Level. 

This is a subconscious intervention. I will teach you the actual tools that have helped so many of my private  clients successfully gain the upper hand on their cravings and emotional eating.


You are not a victim.   Take the controls back. 

Weaken and eventually switch off Stress and Emotional Eating habits.

Reprogram and change your relationship to certain foods that you feel has control over your life. 

Name: George Chacko.  (Board Certified Hypnotist)

Cost : $60
Date : Next session to be announced soon
Time :  2 p.m.  - 3:30pm (Please show up 15 minutes early)
Where :  719 Barnsdale Road, Chester Springs, PA 19425
Bring : Please bring the food item that you crave to the workshop. I want you feeling the cravings full blast!

You must register for the workshop. (Seats are limited)

( This live training is held at my home office, basement level. There are 15 steps. So if you have bad knees, please factor that in your decision.  The workshop  is packed with high quality content and actionable strategies that have provided results for my private clients.)

"eh, if I am honest with myself, I really don't feel like eating it. I could, but I choose not to." 

"I have been helping a lot of people since 2017. And what I know for sure is those who show up with an open mind, be a willing participant, take 100% full responsibility in your own recovery, be sick and tired of continuing to live this way, that is the person who will get the most value.

I will do everything in my capability to make it worth every minute of your time. I will be teaching you protocols that have worked for my private clients."

We are playing the long game. For some people, the results are immediate, and for others, it takes time. Yet for some people, it works temporarily as long as they continue to do it. Everyone is different. Nothing in life is 100%.  It all depends on how much of a hold your subconscious has on this cravings, your true intent to be over this cravings,  what unconscious beliefs you have that is keeping this craving alive, and your willingness to actually work the protocol in your personal time. There is just no substitute for that. The protocols have worked for so many people, so why not you.

(By the way, when you actually do the protocol it only takes between 2 and 5 minutes.)

Her (the picture above) expression is so common with my clients. This is precisely what I want you to experience. By you deeply understanding and absorbing the protocols from this workshop and actually "living it", you can look at the "object of your craving" and feel, "eh, if I am honest with myself, I really don't feel like eating it. I could, but I choose not to."  :)

2 Step Registration Process :

Step 1 - Pay in advance to secure a seat. I use PayPal. Please click here.

Step 2Please send me an email at   Introduce yourself and kindly share what exactly is your cravings. In a few sentences explain how it is negatively impacting your life.  ( This helps me prepare myself to help you during the workshop.)